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3 Pack 32 Ounce Round Plastic Spray Bottles with White 100% Recyclable Trigger Sprayers


  • 32 Ounce Round HDPE Bottle with all plastic trigger sprayer
  • Natural Color
  • 28/400 Thread Finish with 9.5 inch dip tube
  • Chemical resistant, great for cleaning
  • Meets FDA standards

Specifications for this item

Product description

3 Pack of brand new high quality HDPE 32 Ounce Round spray bottles with high grade 100% Recyclable White Trigger Sprayers. Sprayer has no metal parts and all its plastic parts, making it an environmentally friendly sprayer, as it can be fully recycled. Great product for Janitorial and Cleaning services. These chemical resistant bottles and sprayers are great for disinfecting Offices, Classrooms, Homes, etc. It is commonly used for packaging industrial solutions such as cleaning and gardening chemicals, and is also good for any product that requires spraying as a dispensing method.